Sunday, December 23, 2012

News about Cyanogenmod 7

  1. Fixed detection the mac address bluetooth
  2. Added missing configuration file for working front camera
  3. Recompiled with changes in build configs
  4. Assembled modules gralloc, copybit, lights from third party source code
  5. Rebuild kernel for system performance, and fix sleep mode
  6. Maybe fix the black screen during call (with preinstalled Proximity Screen Off)
  7. And make the possible to use the service of CyanogenMod to manage the  Brightness (not full modified, conflict with backlights soft keys)
  8. Compile the module GPS AMSS VERSION 50000

Best regards Gulyuk and Shkerzy

Soon will be published port Lewa OS and brightness slider for CM7


  1. Can you make the cm9 rom for ot990?

    1. yes I can, but I do not want and
      not going to do it. You can write in support Alcatel or Cyanogenmod and asking their about it

    2. So this is the final 2.3 version of ROM for our phone ?!

      NO 4.x ? :( By you ? :(

    3. Maybe yes, I have no desire to continue working

    4. Look bro,i don't know how to make cm9 or cm10,but if i ever learn how to do that,i will,coz i have a big desire to develop cm9/10.

      But if you know,in what is problem ?! We know that is hard work and all that,but....Ok ! :(

  2. Replies
    1. Until for me this rom (development him) is not needed and for someone I do not intend to do it.
      Also you can find other developers who will be work for you on port cm9/10

  3. I can not download the rom LEWA on 4RU are! Hope Gulyuk soon offer one new download page.I will wait

  4. Thank you Gulyuk. I've sent you again 10$. I just wish I had more spare funds at the moment and that others would send some too :(

    1. you should not do it, because nobody needs it and if it was not the hard with work on cyanogenmod 7, that would be even more hard with cyanogenmod 9 (but we did not even try to start, because no have time or opportunity)

    2. It doesn't matter. I just wanted to buy you beer.... or vodka ;)