Wednesday, May 30, 2012

CIFS and Arabic input method support

In this kernel was activated the support CIFS and also added arabic input method with max freq 787 MHz (flashable via recovery)

HOW-TO for use CIFS:

To mount shared folder with this module you can:
1) write commands directly to terminal (load module, mount shared folder, umount)
2.1) create script to simplify the mounting proces(you can use gscript to execute the script ), for example:
insmod /system/lib/modules/cifs.ko
busybox mount -t cifs // /sdcard/Samba -o username=guest
mount -t cifs /// / -o username=,password=

2.2) script for umounting samba share
busybox umount /sdcard/Samba
3) Using Cifsmanager (
4) Using ES File Manager (LAN)

For manual thanx wuja

Download: CIFS_arabic


  1. F*ck,I put stock ramdisk of firmware 2.3.4 in this boot.img =(
    tomorrow,I'll correct it,but it's works fine(without scripts of init.d)

  2. Thanks! Keep the updates coming!
    (Question: is it possible to change the lockscreen in your next rom? I just personally find the semi-transparent thing to be horrible! PS: Why are the png's for the normal lockscreen still in the framework-res? Was Alcatel to lazy to delete them are is this normal Android behavior?)

  3. Can you help me about input OC value in Ewra 0.2h?I need value 768 mhz,787 mhz and 806 mhz...or how can i input them in your Rom? thx

  4. I flashed it with recovery on ewra 0.2h but me phone get stuck on bootloop alcatel logo, can u tell how easily do this to get ride on arabic seprate word problem, waiting ur reply.......and one thing more why we cant install and use tts ? Is there bug in tts insralling data and setting?