Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Discussion about CyanogenMod 9 for Alcatel 990

In this topic we can discuss the porting CM9, ideas, questions, problems. Developers for Alcatel 990 welcome to us!

Because I'll continue all project, when received new device...soon


  1. @Serbian_Geek
    Why we can't patch the kernel to 3.x? Isn't the source code for 0T-990 and Android 2.3 available? If so then it is possible to merge the code.

  2. Possible patch the 35 kernel for ICS (I'm already do it,but not test).
    Source code for 2.3 from alcatel its big shit,in here only sources of kernel can be useful

  3. @ Filip Djordjevic
    You can't compile 3.x kernel for armv6 devices. As Gulyuk sad, you can ony patch 2.6.35 kernel to work with ICS...
    If you are not able to test your work you can allways e-mail me the files and I will flash my device and test it.


  4. It's not supported, but it is possible. If it works with 2.6 who cares. Many stock ICS roms use 2.6 branch, and 3.X branch is nothing special.

    Here are the sources for ZTE Crescent:


    Crescent has ARM6 MSM7227T cpu (ot990 uses MSM7227) and Adreno 200. Maybe it will help.

    1. Maybe this can be useful....My friend has zte blade with jelly bean ! Wow! But there is no HW,when he play some video it stucks nad yt ! So that's the general problem of porting cm9 to low end phone like our :( I don't know am i right....:P

    2. IDK, they claim this one has hardware acceleration. Here's the page for that port:

  5. This could be useful too

  6. if you could include a lucky pacher it would be great and a diffent message theme
    the cmd7 video option was not really good,if you could also include that in the cmd9 for a better video quality option!!
    thank for everything and keep it up mate!

  7. hello my friend!!!!!
    i was juste wondering when will the CyanogenMod 9 for Alcatel 990 be ready?
    i must say that the final CyanogenMod 7 is a success!!!!!NO BUGS


    a Fake ???? :D

  9. I have try it !! It Work , but i prefere a classic ROM , without Go launcher , go keyboard , ...

    Go bak to CM7 a2 ! ^^

  10. I install The Unofficial CM9 for my Huawei u8650.(It has some bugs Like camera not work) and then i tried to install in on my ot990.It installed successfully and then i install kernel oc#4 (for CM9).When i started my mobile it stay on AlcatelOneTouch screen for 2mins and then restarted.

    1. Are you kidding me ? ???? ??? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ?? ?
      Can you run your phone ? I think you bricked device with wrong bootloader....It's really risky !

  11. After it i reinstall miui rom and my phone start working again.I have bricked my phone many times by experimenting on it.And repaird it by someone help.

  12. Gulyuk did you ported cm9 ? Or will you ever do that ?

    I mean,you started something,then stop,and you sayed you will continue porting when recive new device,so what ?

    If not ok . . . . . :/

  13. Guys,i made little experiment with cm9...

    Few months ago,Gulyuk shared his CM9 test....Of course it can't boot.

    So,i followed some tutorials,and i made a cm9 based on ZTE Bladess's with replaced from GULYUK's cm9 :

    3.Custpack ... . .. .
    4.Fonts .. . ..

    And more things replaced from our cm9 test to ZTE'S...But i didn't replaced boot.img

    So soon i will share link here for everybody who is brave to try it or result is - brick.

  14. Hi. I tried the latest CM9, it was so cool! But the camera doesnt work. Really need that. Thanks.