Sunday, November 25, 2012

Kernel #2 for CM7 (re-post form 4pda)

*BFS v.404 scheduler CPU

*BFQ I/O Scheduler as default
*patched to

*The remaining unnecessary code JRD_RECORD_SLEEP_UP_TIME

Kernel OC #2

Good luck^^


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    1. Try to drag the File again to your Sd Card,and Reboot the Recovery system if it still fails.

      Worked for me

      And again Please someone tell me how to unlock the Hidden frequencys

    2. Just a piece of advice. Sometimes copying from your PC to your sdcard fails, making flashing of various zips troublesome. To remedy this, make sure you match the md5 checksum of both files (local copy / SD card copy). In linux you can do it by using md5sum, in osx with md5, and there's a variety of tools available for windows.

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  3. Ok guys,Gulyuk make CM9 but it can't boot,you can see Alcatel One Touch Fonts but it can't boot.So they're working on sloving that problem !
    Wait and don't make them bored i hope they can slove it !
    Just wait !! For everybody who want to help here is link of cm9 so if you can help,here is your chance : :D

    1. I have the same problem... I started working on CM9 when Gulyuk released the CM7 Alpha 2.
      I was busy these days so I couldn't do much, but my guess is that the problem we have is with Qualcomm arm6 drivers for ICS. Qualcomm released those drivers, so MAYBE that is causing the problem.

    2. Have you ever ported cm9 on armv6? The problem in adreno libs its maybe only small problem, because the kernel does not support video acceleration for ICS.
      I think trouble not only in this and when I received new 990 then will continue our work.

    3. That's exactly what i meant... Qualcomm released all that for armv6 ICS support, I downloaded them, I will try something out... Reach me on Others please dont spam me, I will update on progress here...

    4. Or, could you please open a new page for CM9 discussion or something like that.

    5. Its fake... They are not real... I am talking about OpenMax codecs for arm v6 (OMX libs compiled on armv6 for ICS).. Could you tell me what exactly did you do to kernel for this cm9_test rom... Maybe I can help...

    6. Hardware acceleration is the main problem porting ICS to armv6 devices... Since we cant patch the kernel to 3.x we must modify our own kernel by extending some libs and tweeking in order OMX to work on our device. If we do successfully port CM9 to our 990 the battery life of it will be soooo short... But who cares... :)

    7. Yes of course, I'll open a topic for discussion porting cm9.
      About the OMX codecs, they were not made for armv6, only library accelerator of Adreno 200 was patched for ICS.

      Now, I'm only working on kernel for cm7,yesturday compile the kernel with zram/zcache(compcache) and try tp backport from kernel 32 drivers for sensors,because cm7 use the old proxomity and lights...but cannot test it

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  4. Please spanish in cm7 one touch :)

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    1. I'm not working on cm7 - my phone was broken