Saturday, November 10, 2012


So happened that my phone was broken, and if you have a desire to help, please donate me

My requisites for Moneybookers:
Customer ID: 35559279

Webmoney: Z129923457093     R246611077211     E286370417176

Yandex Money: 410011262741239

Qiwi: +79273245156

Thnx for understanding!


  1. Replies
    1. I have no an account there, and nobody will make donation, because donate has never been

  2. I don't have much available funds at the moment, so I've donated only 20$ this time to your Moneybookers account. I hope that someone else will also donate to help you out and that I will have some more spare funds in the near future. It might take a few days for funds to transfer to your account, so maybe that's why you see no donations.

    1. Thank you very much, you only one who was able do it now. I'm just saw the transfer

  3. Filipe on how you paid Moneybook, and I want to give you 20 $ or 20eura. It makes no sense, so Sergei has done for us, and SDA when he needs help, no one.

  4. I already had moneybookers account and money deposited there. If you don't have internet credit card you can send me the money locally and I will transfer your funds to Gulyuk.